The application organization

An intuitive approach for your projects

The way Post-it Share was thought for the works on visual management is simple. We decided to split the application in three instinctive layers.

The lowest layer, the board, is the key element for all good meetings. It is the base support on which all the sticky notes are put. As in reality, the user can customize the environment as he pleases, add visual elements to mark out zones for the notes. He can also order the space, enlarge or shrink elements, delete them... Everything is possible !

The "boards" layer is a menu presenting all the boards existing in a given project. If a project needs a division in different topics or points of view, then several boards might be useful. They appear with their names, a thumbnail representing them and tags to highlight important points in the board.

The "projects" layer is a menu presenting all the projects of a user or a groupe of users working on the software. A user doesn't have to work on only one project, this menu helps to navigate through all his activities. As in the "boards" menu, the "projects" menu allows to see tags to highlight important points on the different projects.