Welcome to the website of the 4th year project of the computer department of INSA Rennes named DKEP. This project is produced in collaboration with the Master Design of the University of Rennes 2 and aims to build an application to understand the teachings of the artist Paul Klee in his book Esquisses pédagogiques.

The multidisciplinary project “DKEP” (Digital Klee-Esquisses Pédagogiques), initiated by the MSHB (Human Sciences Institute in Brittany), aims for the digital remediation of Pedagogical Sketches, major work of Paul Klee published in 1925. In this book, the artist presents his conception of art and nature through a series of exercises of creation intended for the students of Bauhaus. This project seeks – beyond a simple augmented retranscription of Paul Klee’s Pedagogical Sketches – making use of the potential of new technologies to connect art and digital interactions.

We are INSA Rennes students : Louis-Sinan Cappoen, Manon Georges, Laora Heintz, Enzo Menegaldo , William Mouchere, Antoine Pizon, Justine Vidal, supervised by our tutor, Eric Antquetil.

DKEP project is being created in collaboration with the Master Design of Rennes 2, under Pierre Braun’s tutelage. The students of Master Design who participated in the project are : Clément Botrel, Bleuenn Bourhis, Lou Catala, Nasim Dastmalchi, Tania Gaitan, Alexia Girbon, Marie Mégoz, Aude Testard et Mélusine Vilars.