Health and Autonomy

Stay connected to your caregivers from home


This project aims to facilitate contact between patients and the medical community by developping a mobile application, allowing them to communicate and exchange data securely. This application will also be a time-saver for the carers and a daily help in the organisation of their work. This tool should also be easy to use as it is intended for everyone. It is clear from the health crisis that this project responds to a need of the medical staff in terms of organisation, but also to a need of patients by allowing the most isolated people to easily contact their carers. In addition, since 2004, a bill has aimed to set up a DMP in France (a shared medical record), i.e. a health record in a digital environment. This DMP has opened since January 2022: the application we are developing will then be all the more useful.

Our solution

Our project is part of a pandemic recovery context, where we have seen our need for contact with others. In particular, patients who require home care do not necessarily have the opportunity to interact with all health care staff easily. In addition, the increasing number of documents and interlocutors can be confusing and therefore time consuming. The main objective of our work is to maintain the patient-caregiver relationship outside the hospital through our application and its messaging. This application will also contain all the patient's medical history, allowing the carer to make an informed diagnosis, with the possibility to discuss it with colleagues if necessary. This record will then be completed over the years. Finally, a schedule of appointments and exercises to be performed by the patient will be available. It can be modified by the caregivers added to the patient's list. A notification system will of course be available, as well as an emergency call system redirecting to the competent authorities.


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Messaging System

To ensure contact between a patient and his or her caregivers but also between caregivers.

Dossier médical

Medical Record

To ensure the retention and access to the history of medical data.



To help keep track of medical deadlines and ensure synchronization with the medical profession.


These are the technologies on which our project is based.

Firebase is a NoSQL hosting service used to store our database.

AndroidStudio is a specialized Android development environment.

Kotlin a the mobile programming language.

Gitlab is a tool for collective management and collaborative writing of code.


We are 7 students from the INSA Rennes in Computer Science department

Marie Bechtold
Joseph Courcelle
Thomas Dumoulin
Alyssia Manette
Mélissande Simonin
Thomas Villery
Nour Zbitou