Get Away

Each year, INSA students decide to study abroad in one of our partner universities. GetAway is designed to simplify the management of the international exchanges of the students, could it be for a semester or a double diploma in a foreign university.

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A Web Application

Simple and accessible through your favorite browser.

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For the students

Make your wishes and upload your administrativ documents for validation.

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For the teachers

Affect and keep record of your students studying abroad. Get statistics about each year and destination.

Features of GetAway

Wishes management. For the students.

Thanks to our web platform "GetAway", students can easily pick the destinations they want among the international partners of the INSA of Rennes. They can check the other student's choices, to adapt their own wishes accordingly.

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Wishes management. For the teachers.

GetAway offers International Relationship Managers a way to keep track of the students currently studying abroad. It proposes an automatic affectation to the destinations, while keeping manual affectations in priority.

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Management of the mobility. For the students.

Once affected to a destination, students can choose their courses and generate learning agreements for validation. At the end of the exchange, students will enter their grades on the website (an official certificate is then required).

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Management of the mobility. For the teachers.

International Relationship Managers can validate or reject learning agreement's propositions. They can then add a digital signature once it's validated. Finally, teachers can generate recap sheets for the jury thanks to the grades added by the students.

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Advantages of GetAway

A time-saving application.

The automatic affectation of the students, the digital signature of the learning agreements, and many other great features will make the management of the mobility periods less time-consuming and easier to perform.

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And a resources-saving application.

Our application also intends to save resources such as energy (mails) and paper. For example, it will not be necessary for the learning agreements to be printed and scanned several times until validation.

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