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Joined analysis of pain and physical activity

what is Meridomec ?

An Android mobile application which enables the patient to collect the data of his physical activity and pains.

A software allowing the doctor to study his patients’ data so as to assess the clinical conditions and adapt the necessary treatments.

A safe transfer of the patient’s data to the medical server via bluetooth, during a consultation.

Who is it for?

The Meridomec solution is meant for people suffering from physical and cognitive handicap, who are undergoing physical or rehabilitation therapy. Its aim is to improve daily pain control thanks to better knowledge of the conditions in which such pain occured. It also intends to specify the effect of a physical activity on pain. This mobile application is a tool meant to help doctors to analyse clinical conditions. It is meant as a prescription for the patient for a limited length of time.

Main features

For the patient

Dating on physical activities and pains. Assessing the intensity of pain thanks to the EVA and BORG scales.

Possible interface with a connected wristband to collect specific physical activities.

Graphic display of aches and pains according to specific physical activities.

For the doctor

Graphic display of the patients’ data regarding their physical activities and pains.

Filtering the data according to patients, pathology, or specific groups.

CSV export of all the data so as to create one’s own statistics according to each case.