An iOS app

Take pictures of your docs thanks to your iPhone/iPad camera.

An OS X agent app

Sort out, index your scans. Perform advanced processings.

A secure transfer

Transfer your data in an automatic and confidential way between your mobile devices and your computer.

Get rid of loose-leaves !

When in a mobility context (meeting, professionnal journey, etc.), it may not be easy to keep and archive paper sheets.

PicToShare is simple, fast and perfect for travel. Save, sort out and index all your documents with your smartphone.

A pocket scanner

Thanks to your iPhone/iPad camera, PicToShare allows you to catch a picture of your document.

Provide value to your docs.

PicToShare adds information to your scan. Your documents are automatically dated, contextualized, typed and linked to your calendar.

You can thus process detailed search. "I need to watch every invoice scanned last month in a meeting context."

Choose your data transfer method.

The easy way with Cloud services, or the confidentially one with the creation of an ad hoc Wi-Fi network between your devices, choose multiples transfer methods.

Ad hoc Wi-Fi, Dropbox, Google Drive, Mail, Microsoft OneDrive. Choose the confidentiallity level that size you !

Many processings on OS X

On PicToShare Desktop you get plenty of new features : automatic process, adding annotations, OCR, etc.

Quiet, this app allows a powerful ranking regarding its elaborate physical sorting, the use of Smart Folders and data indexation.

Soon on the App Store

Respectful with Mac and iPhone ergonomic uses, PicToShare is fully integrated in the Apple ecosystem.

Use PicToShare with your native apps : associate your scan to a Calendar event, find keywords on Spotlight, etc.

Find PicToShare soon on the App Store. Compatible with last updates iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite.

For further information, feel free to contact us.