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What are the issues brought by degenerative diseases inside a hospital?

Loss of mouvement autonomy

The patients inside Pôle Saint-Hélier, that we care to help through this project, suffer from various cognitive disorder stage and this gives some of them hard times going back to their bedroom or heading to the infirmary. Patients sometimes leave the hospital and end up in inappropriate places, and this without even willing to leave the center, which causes regular sweat to the Pôle Saint-Hélier staff.

Impact on psychological well-being

Studies have shown that autonomy and relationships do impact the psychological well-being, yet these patients we aim to help may end up socially isolated because of their fear to go out of their bedroom. The reasons this "Yes, we canne ! " project exists both are to help those people get their autonomy back and to lighten the workload and stress on the medical staff.

Personalize solutions

Each patient has his or her own characteristics, which can lead to an accumulation of disabilities. With this in mind, our project will propose a variety of solutions using sight, hearing and touch to facilitate patient movement. For example, a patient using a walker will be warned of the direction to take by a vibration of the right or left handle.

Help the nursing staff

When a patient is lost, the nursing staff must take time out of their day to escort them back to their room. This additional workload and stress has an impact on the quantity and quality of care provided.

Current state

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Adaptation of our product for mentally disabled people, with a re-educative aspect.

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Implement in-door localisation using Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) tags, a domain with few experimentation yet.

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Deployment of a FOG type architecture, a decentralised infrastructure with the help of UWB tags, Raspberry Pi and a database.

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Mobile navigation app for patients and supervision webpage for the nursing staff.

Thanks to the work done by the "Où est ma chambre ?" project teams, we have a functional project composed of a manual plan annotation software, a network architecture, a mobile navigation application and a web supervision application. However, the outcome of this work could not be tested in real conditions at the Pôle Saint-Hélier with patients and caregivers due to the Covid-19 pandemia. In addition, several areas of improvement need to be examined: the case of patients using a walker, the adaptation of the device to the specific difficulties of the patient and the automation of the annotation of the plan. These 3 objectives are at the heart of the "Yes, we canne!" project.


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Adaptation of our project to people using a medical walker.

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Facilitation of the handling, automation of the plan's annotation.

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Tests and user feedback at the Pôle Saint-Hélier.

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Add features to improve inclusiveness.

What we aim to

Fulfilling both patients and medical staff needs, two distinct interfaces.

The Navigation Interface

The Supervision Interface


This interface offers several functionalities such as real-time visualization of patient location, alerts in case of patient discharge, management of the user database and discharge history. For more details on this interface, please browse through its various elements.

Beforehand and afterwards, devices to facilitate the use of the project

The automatic plan annotation software

annotation automatique

In order to calculate the patient's pathways, this software allows the manual or automatic annotation of the building plan. It allows to delimit the rooms, the doors, the scale and the orientation of the plan.

Haptic actuators

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Our solution

oemc architecture

The reality behind the magic

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What does this mean in practice?

The team

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