: 2D/3D interactions project - year 2017

Rethink user interactions for an enhanced experience

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WHAT is our goal

This year-long project consists of an exploration of all the possibilities offered by mixing together the power of 2D AND 3D interactions.

Providing consumers with new innovative ways of interacting with their machine. Implementing simple solutions to standardize those interactions and spread them across all platforms.

Give you the best experience possible.


Leap Motion

The hand-tracking device of choice to ease our way into the 3D-interactions world. More informations.


2D interaction such as writing would, of course, still be available in all of our applications. Just take your pen, and write away.

Gesture recognition

Developped with the precious help of Yacine Boulahia (member of the Irisa lab Intuidoc team), this gesture recognition system is the core of the project.

User oriented

This approach permits us to guarantee the best user-oriented experience.

Recognized gestures (non-exhaustive list)

  • Catch
  • Scissors
  • Turn
  • Point
  • Zoom
  • Shake
  • Cut


Allows the selection of an element.


Cut the selected element.


Turning the hand will help configure the dynamic change of colors, for example.


Coordinates of the index finger will determine the position of the selected element.


The hands gap will configure enlargement of the selected element.


Remove the selected element.


Specific to the Mind Map Application, it will allow you tu remove the ling between two elements.

WHO are we

We are a team of fourth-year I.T. engineer students : Morgane Carry, Thibaut Detrois, Fanny Diallo, Victor Gaudard, Corentin Legoupil, Lucile Lévêque and Lucas Pelerin.

Supervised by Eric Anquetil, helped by Yacine Boulahia.