Lecture halls are places where interactions are rare. The digital notebook presented by Nine allows teachers and students to use a digital solution into lectures. The 2.0 amphitheater arrives.

Note taking

Note taking is an important thing to stay attentive. Therefore, Nine offers a full range of tools to write with comfort.

Interactions & Sharing

We believe that learning is comes from exchange between peers. In addition to the proposed interactions, Nine implements tools to share notes.

Students checking

Connected students is good, but students who have understood is better! Nine allows you to set up exercises with instant feedback to help you identify your students.

Questionnaires & Exercises

Nine provides a wizard that allows you to submit questions to your students. Declined in the form of multiple choice questions and exercises, these interrogation methods allow you to get a return on global understanding of your students.

Questions to the teacher

Some explanations may lose some students and in an amphitheater, it can be difficult to be understood. Nine offers students prepare a questioning screen to submit it to the teacher. By this way, the teacher receives a notification and can respond at the appropriate time.

Laser pointer

The laser pointer is commonly used as an amphitheater element to support an explanation. We decided to offer this functionality through the tablet leaving the possibility for the user to manipulate a pointer on its tablet that will be replicated on all.

Results visualisation

We believe it is important to quickly view your student's responses. Whatever the nature of the proposed interrogation Nine offers the right tools. Even the representation of graphic data is possible with a saliency map representing frequently surrounded elements.

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