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Glasir, an INSA project.

Glasir is the product of a project conducted by 4th's year Computer Science students at INSA Rennes. The initial objective of that project was to identify the weaknesses of the public transport in Rennes. In order to achieve that, the creation of an analyzis tool based on the ADTree formalism has been undertaken.

The name of the software, Glasir, comes from a tree bearing golden leaves in the Norse mythology, located in the realm of Asgard, outside the doors of Valhalla.


What are ADTrees?

"ADTree" is short for "Attack-Defense Tree", a graphical way to represent possible attacks and defenses for a given system. ADTree formalism is an extension of Attack Trees, where only attacks (in red) can be represented. By adding defenses (in green) to the representation, ADTrees allow to assess their impact on the system.

More about Glasir.

Glasir is an open-source software dedicated to the security analysis of your systems. With Glasir, you will be able to identify your system's weak-points using ADTrees and to visualize them thanks to an existing software named ADTool.


ADTool: a quick preview.

ADTool is an open-source software for creation and display of ADTrees. In addition to their graphical representation, it allows to decorate the ADTrees with several parameters, whose values are propagated recursively from child to parent nodes. Glasir uses this tool as an ADTree viewer.


How to analyze ADTrees?

Glasir contains three main modules improving upon the capabilities of ADTool:

  • the Function Editor, which allows to express compromises between different parameters by creating a new parameter which is a function of two existing ones;
  • the Filter, which highlights the possible attacks provided an attacker profile. It selects the nodes reachable for the attacker depending on his capabilities;
  • the Optimizer, which identifies the most effective/less costly attack with respect to a specific parameter.