suptice e-yaka Business Game

e-yaka, implementations and extensions of fonctionalities

Student Project

e-yaka is a project undertaken and maintained by the Suptice, the education support service linked to the University of Rennes 1. Within the IT project of INSA Rennes, new functionalities are to be implemented to the application.

Presentation of the concept of serious-game

An innovative business-game.

e-yaka is a business-game mainly aimed toward students. It allows players to manage, as a team, a competitive company on a market against others teams. For that, e-yaka provides numerous tools to help take decisions : accounting (financial results, loans), marketing (market shares, distribution of sales, notoriety, customer portfolio), prospecting (canvassing, offer proposal), or different information about the market and the competitors. e-yaka stands out and innovates by the liberties given to the animator (choice of market, various settings) and the possibility given to players to canvass prospects one by one (Business to Business).

Main menu
Prospecting menu
Competitors menu

Our contribution to the project

The main goal of our contribution is to ease and make more pleasant the idea of "Business to Business". In order to have a more global vision of the market and a greater ease at spotting particular targets, we implement an interactive map displaying prospects (companies that players want to canvass) and their information (business sector, number of warehouses...). This map takes into account the state of the game, notably information known by teams, and has filters allowing an easy and pleasing search. The same thing is possible via a list. Similarly, we allow players to see companies that are already client with a second map/list similar to the first one. A third web page allows players to canvass prospects if they still have tokens (number of prospections remaining). The admin has the possibility to change that number when creating the game. Finally, players are already able to submit their propositions contract to prospects but we improve this by allowing the proposition by the map and/or the list.

Maps of prospects

Technologic environment



Javascript Library

Leaflet is a light and open-source Javascript library for creating interactive map. It allows the use of OpenStreetMap backgrounds and to place customisable markers.




Symfony is a PHP framework, developped by SensioLabs, providing flexible and adaptable functionalities, facilitating the creation of complex websites.




MySQL is a relational database management system. It's one of the most used system in the world.

Simon Bouvier, Corentin Vives, Damien Duvacher, Cedric Soual, Mikaël Le, Romain Lebouc

Supervisors : Fanny Gourret, Yann Ricquebourg, Romuald Lorthioir